PortBook was created for boaters by boaters and features businesses up and down the East Coast with special concentrations of businesses in Newport, Annapolis, and Charleston. Separate editions of PortBook are printed annually for Newport, Annapolis, and Charleston and include comprehensive maps of the ports, marine service listings, and visitor information. While the main focus of PortBook is marine services, we also feature restaurants, bars, and attractions, because even the most serious boater goes ashore now and again, and what better recommendation can you have than that of another boater.

Started in 1981 by sailor Sandy Squire, PortBook is composed of businesses dedicated to providing marine and shoreside services for boaters and boat owners. In 2011, Sandy found a new calling and entrusted the care of PortBook to Chesapeake Bay natives Cory Deere and Mary Ewenson. As boaters and boat owners, they are particularly in tune with the resources you want while in your home port or visiting somewhere new.

PortBook is also closely tied to SpinSheet, PropTalk, and FishTalk magazines, the sail, powerboat, and fishing publications for the Chesapeake Bay.